Friday, January 8, 2016

Been a long time. Actually, I tend to forget that I have a blog. UGH! This is one of my latest Adam Ant portraits. I've started another one in pen & ink stippling. Sadly, I've shoved it to the back burner to work on more Creepy Dolls, and other items for a bazaar sale. Cathie (younger sister) and Cyndia (good friend) and I are hoping to get a booth at the Douglass County Fair's Christmas Bazaar in December 2016. If I'm going to have any stock to sell I need to get busy now! Plus, I need way more than a few Creepy Dolls and Rag-a-Muffin Dolls. HA!

The move to Winston, Oregon has been interesting. I now have plenty of "Quiet Time" to create and relax. It's been very good for my depression swings. The neighbors are quiet and nice. The people I've visited with at restaurants, coffee drive thru's, the museum and Wildlife Safari have been extremely nice and sweet! I've talked to a wonderful lady at the Roseburg Art Center and she was a darling and very encouraging. I'm hoping to join the art center and take some classes soon. To help get my confidence with my art back up. I've lost so much technique and CONTROL wise with my drawing skills. This will help get it back.

Well, this is not getting any more items made and ready for a bazaar sale! Have a great weekend!

Big Squishy Hugs!