Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday following Thanksgiving

I had a great time celebrating the holiday with my parents and 2 of my sisters and their husbands. We went to Lincoln City and stayed at the Chinook Winds Hotel. Right next door to the casino! Yippie! I came home with 21 more dollars than when I left. So, it was a good trip.

I'm hoping to get more photos loaded onto my laptop so I can do more updating. To add something new I did get the Jack in the Box clock! Yippie!

Hugs and have a great weekend! I'm going to bed now because it's 2 am and my daughter and granddaughter are going to show up in the morning. Or, maybe the afternoon but I'll still be in bed! HA!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So many years ago. So young and free. I would draw for hours on end and not be critical of every line I put on the paper. Now, I can't seem to make a mark without erasing it away, trying again, erasing again, and so on. Never satisfied with what I've done. Not happy with the final result. I've lost the freedom I once felt. How do I get it back? How do I give myself permission to make mindless mistakes and just experience the joy of creating?
One day, I'll be able to find the joy of creating once again. I just need to return to the mindset of youth, put on my wings of graphite and fly across the paper.