Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Umpqua Man

My latest pen and ink stippling portrait. This is my "Umpqua Man". I haven't had this one printed off yet. But, will when I get a couple more portraits, cowboys, and bucking broncos finished. I'm getting very excited about the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo. Just worried that I won't have enough rodeo and rustic items. But, I keep reminding myself that there are still 4 months and a week left to create more fun stuff for the booth space. I just like to freak myself out a bit.

Have a great week filled with Love, Joy and Big Squishy Hugs!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

My newest fabric creations

One of the Creepy Dolls.
I've been approved for a booth space at the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo this coming August. I've got to get busy and make a lot of Western and Rustic items! This is my Lakota Lady, pen and ink, that I've gotten printed to make cards, 8 X 10 and 11 X 14 prints. Last night I picked up some mats to start getting them ready for the sale. I will frame a couple of them also. I've also drawn a vintage cowgirl, bronco buster and bull rider. I'm working on an Umpqua Tribe man, since that's the tribe in this area. I've put it to the side for now because I was getting very frustrated trying to get all the fur "just right". Was just making myself more frustrated.

I will also have a Christmas Corner, since we have several Winter themed items from the Christmas Fair. And, a Creepy Corner for some fun items that will be geared for the Halloween season. Or, people who like things on the creepy side. Not really creepy, just fun creepy!

Every time I think I'm going to keep up on my blog, I get sidetracked with other things. Like making a lot of items to fill up the booth spaces for the fairs!

So, I'm off to work on some "Sad Bunnies"! Have a great day! Big Squishy Hugs!