Monday, June 28, 2010


I haven't been doodling as much as I should be. I really need to get back into the habit of sketching something every day. But, each day, I busy myself with silly tasks to avoid housework and drawing. Lately, I get so frustrated with every pencil line I put on paper that it ends up being a frustration instead of a joy. I know that if I were to lighten up, loosen up, and just let go, it would once again become the passion it once was. How did I lose that childlike carelessness? I have to stop listening to my negative inner critic and listen to my inner child who says, "Run! Play! Explore!" And, if I make a mistake - don't think of it as a mistake! It's a learning experience. A bit hard to do at nearly 55 years old.

Today I spent most of the day cleaning old files out of the computer, running a scan, and then defragmenting. Some old files that I'd forgotten I even had, I printed out and then deleted. I'll put them in page protectors, stuff into a 3 ring binder, label the binder and go on from there. Hopefully, that will help this old desk top function a bit better. My laptop's battery burned out and fried the power cord. Now, I'm waiting to see if it can be fixed and I can have my fun computer back to play with. The bonus to that is I don't have to get my lard butt off the couch and waddle to the dining room to use the desk top computer - the not so good side is that I end up playing games most of the time and don't do any artwork! I get way behind on my swap projects and don't work on getting back into my drawing arts.

I also need to start sorting through all my piles and stacks of stuff and get things ready for a garage sale at my younger sister's home. I'm going to stuff gallon bags full of fabric, laces, ribbons and yarn. Other baggies will be filled with papers, stickers, all sorts of ephemera for scrapbooking and paper crafts. I'm going to sort through my arts and crafts books and put them in the sale along with some magazines. And then there are the nick-nacks and dust collectors all over the house and shoved into boxes and rubber maid tubs! From the attic to the basement I have 3 floors full of stuff to sort through! What doesn't sale is going to a second garage sale at my daughter's home. And what ever is left over from that is heading to GoodWill. If anyone wants to come and help you would get first choice of all my stuff and for helping you'd get it for FREE!!

Well, this is not getting anything done around here so I'm off to work on a fabric postcard. Yippie! Have a great week!