Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stinky the Cat with eyes glowing green.

Still need to be working on the Animal in Me doll. I've worked on 2 different skirts for it...they did not turn out how I wanted so it's back to the beginning on that part. Still need to make an animal mask for it too. Need to get busy since I'll be leaving next Thursday or Friday for Northern California with Mom, Dad, and Sissy Sandi. We'll be out and about for a week and a half, maybe two. I'll get home in time to do my laundry and repack and head off to West Virginia to visit My Most Perfect Sister, Shelley!!!!! We are making a lot of fun plans and I can't wait to see her again. Even if all we do is sit at her beautiful dining room table and play with art stuff, I will be happy!

It's dark in my house. No one turns lights on or opens the curtains. We are mushrooms.

That's my update for today! Big Squishy Hugs!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pretty flower where my Sissy Sandi lives.

I'm so happy today! It's raining! I realize that a lot of people like the sunny days. It is fun to drive with the top down on the convertible. But, I love the rainy days. The sound of the splattering on the tree leaves outside the window. The clean smell in the air. The plants being greener.

I wish I was at the coast. I love the rainy days at the coast! To walk on the beach, pick up shells, stones, agates, and pieces of driftwood. Return to the room, with the ocean view of course, have a nice cup of coffee, a snack, and look over the treasures of the day. That is my perfect day!

Well, this is definitely not getting any projects worked on. My "Animal in Me" doll now has a corset type outfit on. There is so much more I need to the animal mask! I like how the corset thing turned out so instead of covering it up, I'm thinking of adding a sheer skirt to it, add some/a lot! of embellishments and just seeing where it goes.

So, I'm off to play, not with the doll, but on a beaded bracelet.

Big Squishy Hugs!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Salvador Dali. An amazing person, phenomenal artist. His work still amazes me. To try and understand how he saw the world around him...I think it would be a trip into insanity. I wonder, what did he dream about? The world of art has changed in so many ways. So many new materials to experiment with. Mixed Media and Collage Art have become part of the main stream art world. I wonder how far Salvador would have taken this art form. If you look at the jewelry he designed, I think he would have taken the materials available today and had a hey day!

Right now, I'm in a terrible art slump. I've gotten too comfortable and continue to do the same old thing. Even when I try something new, it ends up being the same old thing. I haven't drawn anything worth the paper I've scribbled on in ages. I'm frustrated. I've made some dolls from sculpty clay and need to make an "Animal In Me" costume for one. I liked how the dolls turned out at first, but have quickly gotten over that. I look at them and see how I could have made them better. I know it's a learning process. I know it's trial and error and there are "no mistakes" especially in the creation of art. But, I'm 55, soon to be 56, years old and I would think that I'd have found my heart's passion and moved forward. Instead, I'm stalled, tired, and boring.

My house is cluttered and such a mess. I can't find the art materials I want to work with when I need them. I have a spare room upstairs that has been used as a "catch all" by Shawn, Carston, and Nick. You can't even walk through the door of that room! I want it cleaned out and made into my studio space. Want to organize all my supplies so I can create without spending hours searching for supplies. I just keep thinking that one day I'll have my studio space and I'll be "home". I look forward to that day of bookcases with my art books, shelves with my supplies all in place, and a desk with space for my computer, sewing machine, and papers. So, whatever I desire to do I will have a place to work.

But, for now, I'm just feeling lost. Alone. Sad. Depression sucks big time.

Big Squishy Hugs
This was taken on Sept. 2nd. Christine holding her new baby brother, Remington. Who I like to call, Vincent. Mostly to annoy my daughter.

Daughter and I are going to plan some adventure days, going to museums and art shows and trying to boost my creativity. I've really gotten into a slump. Not drawing at all anymore. Making the same old, same old stuff. Afraid to discover new things, I think. I don't know why I've let myself get so far away from creating and exploring art. I don't know why I've let my house get so far out of control and cluttered. I do know that I can't live on "what if's" and "should have, could have's".

Motivation? I have none right now. I have projects I need to be working on, but here I sit with my laptop, accomplishing nothing.

Well, I'm hoping that viewing art through my 5 year old granddaughter's eyes will help me to see things all new again. Nothing like the view of a child to motivate, inspire, and energize a tired Creative Muse.

Big Squishy Hugs!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I need to get to work on a doll for an exchange. It's called "The Animal In Me" and I'm planning on doing a Masquerade costume.  Of course, my plans may change once I get started. These dolls do have a way of demanding what they want and how they want to look. It's quite funny how they develop their own personalities. At least I have the doll made and one extra just for fun. I just need to get busy on the costume and mask and have a blast! Weeeeee!

I have so many ideas but right now I'm just too lazy to do much. I'm going to blame it on the heat. Ha!

Hope everyone is having a fun and creative week!
Big Squishy Hugs!