Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Aunt Billie gave me this cow skull and this is what I did with it. I did this quite a few years ago. I'm now considering selling it. I like it...I just don't have any place to display it and it would be nice to add a few bucks to our account. I used acrylic paints, pen & ink, and then added beads for accents. It was a fun project! I have other little animal skulls to work on, just haven't done anything with them yet. Need to get off my behind, clear off the table so I have space to work, and get busy. Yeah...maybe next week! HA!

Monday, August 24, 2009

"Sleeping Wide Awake"
or just plain day dreaming.
Just got back from Lincoln City on Sunday. Monday my friend, Linda, will be arriving at about 1 pm and we'll be heading to Seaside. I love the beach. I need to repack my suitcase. Guess I should get to bed and get some sleep. When I get up it will be running around like a loony bug trying to get everything packed and ready to go.

Friday, August 21, 2009

You've all heard about them...and now you can see one for yourself! I captured this Hideous Fairy as she was trying to make off with some of my sparkly beads. Look at that innocent face! But they are full of mischief and mayhem! Don't let their looks fool you! I've recently heard that some of these fairies like to scatter beads all over the floor when you aren't looking!
I've carefully place this fairy in an escape proof box and sent to a friend. I'm sharing the fun. Let them create trouble for some body else! And if you notice, this fairy has a pouch in which to carry off it's booty! Silly Fairy! They don't call this the Home of the Fairy Smasher for nothing! HA!
I made this Hideous Fairy about 3 years ago for a swap project. The head and hands are made with Sculpty Clay and the body is fabric. I make up the patterns as I go along so there really isn't any guidelines that I follow. It would probably be a good thing if I'd make a pattern and file it someplace instead of making a new pattern for each doll! DUH! I also make the clothes to fit as I work on the doll...lots of hits and misses...lots of experimenting...and each doll ends up unique. Which really is the fun part...I never know how a doll is going to end up looking by the end of the process. I let my muse run wild.
Currently, I'm working on a Fancy Smancy Artsy Fartsy Doll. She's pretty much finished but I need to photograph her and send off to her new home. Then, I'll be working on a Stink Fairy, cousin to the Hideous Fairy only smellier. Both have sculpty clay faces and hands and cloth bodies.
Enjoy and create!

Monday, August 17, 2009

"Head in the Clouds"

Most people who see this drawing think it's a young's a young man in a leather jacket. One of my favorite works of art. Colored pencil drawing in my passion. And, yet, I haven't drawn, seriously drawn, in years. I'm getting frustrated with myself because I get side tracked with other things and don't allow myself the joy of drawing.

Today I was able to get quite a bit of stuff done around the house. Cleaned a tiny bit in the upstairs bedroom that will one day become my studio...once again. Took out a huge bag of garbage and there's so much more in there! It's so disgusting! Boys are disgusting! Now, I'm suffering with back pain. ARG!

Well, back to work. Hope you're all having a great week!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Got some cd's....

Now I need to get them over to the desk computer and put some photos on them so I can use them with my laptop (which is much faster than the desk computer) and then I can add more to my blog. Whew!

I'm working on a Artsy Fartsy/Fancy Smancy Doll for a swap project. I've got her body sewn together. Her head and hands are made out of polymer clay and they are finished. I need to get working on her clothes and then add lots of decorations. Next project to work on is a Stink Fairy Doll. i have her head and hands made - polymer clay - her body is sewn and her legs and arms are cut out. I like making these dolls. I just wish I was better at sculpting the face and hands. I need more practice I guess.

Well, it's now 1:15am so I guess I should get to bed. Sarah and Christine will be here in the early afternoon with cupcakes to celebrate Shawn's birthday. Yippie!