Sunday, August 9, 2009

Got some cd's....

Now I need to get them over to the desk computer and put some photos on them so I can use them with my laptop (which is much faster than the desk computer) and then I can add more to my blog. Whew!

I'm working on a Artsy Fartsy/Fancy Smancy Doll for a swap project. I've got her body sewn together. Her head and hands are made out of polymer clay and they are finished. I need to get working on her clothes and then add lots of decorations. Next project to work on is a Stink Fairy Doll. i have her head and hands made - polymer clay - her body is sewn and her legs and arms are cut out. I like making these dolls. I just wish I was better at sculpting the face and hands. I need more practice I guess.

Well, it's now 1:15am so I guess I should get to bed. Sarah and Christine will be here in the early afternoon with cupcakes to celebrate Shawn's birthday. Yippie!

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