Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some people know I have a cat named Stinky. But they have never, ever seen him. He hides when people come to visit. So, to prove that I really do have a Stinky he is! He's 1/4 bobcat 3/4 stupid! Fits into my family perfectly! HA! He has a kink at the end of his tail, but because he got his mom's long fur you can't tell unless you feel his tail. He's got the bobcat fluff ears and he can be quite mean. If he's happy on cat nip he will run wild through the house and up stairs. If he's just in a cranky mood you can walk past him and he will take a swipe at your ankles with his claws fully extended. Ouch!
I've been working on beaded projects the past few weeks. Need to get them scanned in and posted. But, too lazy to get off the couch to do that. Means I'd have to waddle my butt to the desk computer, scan the projects in, blah blah blah lazy lazy lazy.
Oh, yeah...I tried to post something a week ago but screwed it all up so it got deleted. I was not happy! So, here's a really late Happy New Year! May all your resolutions work out and all your dreams become a reality!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Really Late Happy New Year!

I tried to post an entry about a week ago. But, I had problems and it wouldn't go through. Ended up getting deleted and I wasn't very happy. I guess it doesn't matter much since I don't have anything new to add. I am working on some beaded necklaces and projects to try and sell. Unfortunately, now our desk top computer is having issues and I'm not sure I can scan them in and get them posted. Frustrating!

Well, it's almost 2 am and I need to go to bed. Just thought I should stop by and do a post.

Big hugs and hope everyone has a wonderfully creative New Year!