Thursday, June 25, 2009

The beginning of my Art Blog

Today I decided to get off my lazy behind and begin an Art Blog. I will need to add some photos of my work. And, get busy on new items to show. I will need lots of reminders to get back to work and update my blog. I will need lots of bops to the head to keep me focused. Other than that, it's going to be a fun adventure!

1 comment:

  1. hey babes I guess I put me followers 2 times grrrrr and I didnt kjnow that thank you for having me in the first play in yoiur life and dont worrry about the money if they didnt have it they would say no lol ok sweetie i love you both and please tell sissy , iam sorry she having so much troubles..I will be glad just to get in to the house and get some stuff move in it and to get some furnrintue in it and some other things too he is going back in OCT again I just want to get moved and us moved too , I do worry aboiut my Mother no one does any thing for her except me ......she has a lady that comes to the apt and cleans for her and does other thing s too....she just let her to get away with BS and then the place looks like crapI hate that too I moved the tv stand they other day to put in a new one we boughther the lint and the dust was all over the walls......bad that tells me that lady dont do any thing and she makes 800.00 a month from my mom....will here i go on on just like you see sissy me too tell all i lover them....chatt later Mary R.