Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh! A week away at Newport Beach was just not long enough! Believe it or not, I walked every day! Nye Beach is a few blocks away from the hotel where we were staying so I was able to wander there to the shops, places to enjoy a leisurely lunch, and look through some art galleries. Some day, I want to have a small home at the beach where I can be at peace and just enjoy the salt air. I felt so much better there. More energy, more positive attitude, more of everything! Even when it was raining I could sit at the little table, look out the window to the ocean, work on some projects and just relax. I didn't want to return home!

Other than that, things are good. Dealing with some slight headaches, due to stress. Stress of living in a pig sty! Not really, just the stress of not being able to find the items I want to use when I want to use them! So, I'm off to play a game instead of cleaning up around the house or working on a doll that needs to be finished and then sent off to Australia.

Big Squishy Hugs!

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