Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Returned to my artistic passion...

I have finally returned to my art passion of portrait work. These are all pen and ink, stippling technique. The top one is Adam Ant, middle is Todd Rundgren, bottom is Billy Idol. I'm currently working on another Adam Ant portrait. It's almost finished, just need to do the hair and shadowing on the face. Maybe a bit more on a bandanna he is wearing. After I finish this one I'll be focusing on creating some special Christmas gifts. 

It's been a very long year. So many changes, some good, some not so good, some very sad. But, I'm striving towards a very positive lifestyle and removing the negative people and things from my life. I've had to walk away from some difficult situations and have worked to not feel guilty about my choices. I'm finally, at 59 years old, putting my health and welfare at the top of the list. How can I give to others if I'm worn out, tired, feeling trampled and used? I can't! It's been a very long journey and about time I've moved forward!

One thing I have discovered since returning to my art passion is that I'm not as depressed any more! I'm much more content, less stressed, happier all around.

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