Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy week ahead.

It's almost 1am and I should be in bed. But, I wouldn't be asleep anyway, just laying there, tossing and turning, day dreaming, sitting up peeking over Shawn to see what time it is (3 minutes since the last time I looked), and then starting over with the rolling around trying to get comfy. I have a doctor's appointment in Portland at 2:45 pm, so I'll need to be up at 11:30ish so I can shower and get ready to go. Then, the good part of the day! I'm going to meet a good friend, Linda, at Start Street Pizza! Yummy food and good company! Tuesday, I'm going to head over to Mom and Dad's and start painting Mom's doll house. Mom wants to bake some cookies also. She bought cookie dough from the Shwan's man. Which sounds good to me...fresh pot of coffee and warm out of the oven cookies. Another yummy day! Wednesday, Sissy Sandi is planning on coming down for a visit. That will be nice, especially if I don't eat all Mom's cookies so we'll have a treat while visiting. Thursday I'll stay home and work on the beaded bracelet with matching necklace that I started a few days ago. I've almost finished beading the bracelet so that's a good start. Shocking! I know! Then, Friday, back over to Mom and Dad's for lunch and a visit and maybe work on the doll house some more. Depends of it they want to go gallivanting around town or now. I have no idea what the weekend will bring. Maybe I'll just stay home in my pj's all weekend. That could be fun!

Have a great week and yak at ya soon!

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