Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's been quite a while since I've gone to Krispy Kreme. I think I want a donut! Or maybe a dozen donuts!!!!

I'm so glad the holiday season is over. The tree has been taken down and put away. Decorations, few that we put out, have been packed up. Except, I keep forgetting to take the wreath off the front porch and toss in the yard debris container for pick up.

We (sisters Cathie, Sandi, and I) got Mom a pretty doll house for her main Christmas Gift. Mom picked out some paints last week for it. So, I'm thinking I need to get my rear to bed, get some sleep, get my lazy butt up at a somewhat decent time, take a shower, and head over to Mom and Dad's to begin painting the doll house. I have the paint brushes, some Gorilla Glue to fix a couple pieces that got knocked off, and the CO2 detector ready to go. Mom and Dad were told by the last person who worked on their gas furnace that the detector would be a good thing to get. We picked them up at Costco - one for Mom and Dad's house and one for our house.

Well, can you tell I need some sleep? I sure am babbling a lot! Hope you all had a great Christmas and that your getting a wonderful start to a fun New Year!


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  1. sounds like so much fun!!
    Krispy Kreme...OMG...haven't had one in several years(there isn't one near me!!) them!!!