Friday, February 25, 2011

My Mom's Christmas Doll House

This is just the beginning of working on Mom's Doll House. I still need to get the roof shingles cut and put in place. The inside is all painted white except around the inside of the windows. I've got to figure out how I'm going to get in there with a tiny paint brush to get the trim painted without painting the plastic windows. Next, we will need to go shopping for some scrap book papers to use as the wall paper. And, to search for furniture. Shawn had a great idea of getting the little charms that are photo frames, printing out old family photos (like Mom and Dad's wedding photo!), putting in the little frames and hanging them on the walls. So cute! I may have to get out the crochet hook and make some woven carpets for the floor. Really depends on just what Mom wants in the house. I'm so glad that I remembered that Mom wanted a doll house. She had told me this 30+ years ago, before I was married and still living at home. Why it took me so long to remember is beyond me! I'm so thankful that Sissy Sandi, Sissy Cathie, and Sarah and Jeff went in on this adventure with me and Shawn. Daughter, Sarah, ordered it for us and had it delivered to her work place in Portland. Son-In-Law, Jeff, put the house together. Sissy Sandi and Cathie helped us pick out the house and pay for it. Cathie is also helping Mom choose the colors for the house. I get to do the painting....hee hee hee! It's fun! Sissy Sandi would be helping more but with Winter weather she's not able to come visit very often. Once the weather gets better we will be working more on getting the house finished! Right now it's on display in Mom and Dad's front room. I would like to get it more complete so she can really be proud and show it off to all their company! Mom was so very happy when she got the doll house...we made her cry! OOPS!

So, the moral of the story is...if you know something that one of your parents has wanted since they were children...or something they had but has been long lost or broken. Don't wait to get it for them! Parents are hard to buy gifts for since they usually have everything they need. Get them something they want and will treasure. You won't believe how wonderful you will feel when you help make one of their dreams come true.

Big Squishy Hugs!

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