Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My nephew, Michael Scott, his wife, Jenny, and their darling daughters, Paige and Izzy came for a visit one day last week. They will be leaving for Okinawa in a few months and are staying at Scott's Mom's house for a visit with everyone here in the NW before they fly out. I think they will be there for 3 years. Scott is a Captain in the Marines. We are so proud of him and his family!

Now, you can tell by this photo who the goof balls of the family are and who the more serious one's are. HA! I love this photo! We had such a great visit with them! The girls are so sweet! I do have a goofy photo of Paige but I promised her I would not post it on Facebook or anywhere else. I will keep it for myself because it's just a lot of fun! The girls are so full of energy and life that it was just a joy to spend the afternoon with them. We had a wonderful visit with Scott and Jenny and I know that Mom and Dad were so thrilled with the visit and can't wait to see them all again. They love and miss their Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren. It means a great deal to them when they come for a visit, especially when they have such a limited time here in the area and they make a special trip to visit Mom and Dad.

Well, enough of my babbling. I need to get busy on a Journal RR with my Bestest Friend Shelley! Mailing date is this coming Monday!!!!! Uhm...I got an antique photo put on the front cover and that's it! Not, quite ready to go out in the mail yet. Hee hee hee! So, I'm off to work on a fun project!

Have a great rest of the week everyone!
Big Squishy Hugs!

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