Sunday, March 13, 2011

More bead work

Busy making more necklaces and bracelets. This time sets! Whoopie! Daughter, Sarah, and I are hoping to get busy creating stuff so we can sign up next summer for the Crafty Wonderland Bazaar Sale. This year we plan on attending it and seeing for ourselves just exactly what it's all about. If we like it, then we're going to work our fingers to the bones to get a large inventory of creative goodies stocked up and ready to sale.

Other than that...I'm working on a journal round robin with my bestest friend, Shelley. I finally have mine finished and just need to get it in the mail. Hopefully, I get that done on Monday, Tuesday at the latest!

So, that's about it from Stinky St. Helens, Oregon. A town run by idiots who think that putting some stupid sculptures on the highway will bring tourists into the town to spend money. Yeah....$100,000.00 for sculptures instead of cleaning up this pathetic excuse for a town! How about the city father's get on the landlords and the store owners to clean up their shops, paint the buildings, and get rid of the garbage. The city could add some nice park benches every few blocks with some flower baskets and, oh, yeah, public restrooms would be a bonus! New sidewalks so you don't trip over the cracks and break some body parts would be nice for shoppers. Right now the majority of shops we have are "resale". If that's our biggest tourist attraction then change the name of the town to "ReSale Alley". UGH! Well, enough of my complaining. Doesn't make much difference because it falls on deaf ears around this town. Sadness. This use to be such a darling little town, with lots of unique shops. Now, a town full of resale, bars, and churches. Not much of anything for anyone here anymore.

Big Squishy Hugs from a boring town

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