Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is the Golden Man. I found the piece of wood outside my sister's gift shop. I used sculpty clay to add the face and attach the smaller stick to the main piece. The wood didn't all fit into the oven so I had to bake it with the door open. I wasn't sure if I'd set the house on fire or not. I didn't. Yippie! I still need to make a base for this and now it needs some minor repair work from having stuff stacked on top of it. I'm not happy that it now needs the repair work. But, it's my fault for not making the base years ago and placing it somewhere safe. Off to work on some swap projects!


  1. The Golden Man speaks to me ~ such a great piece! So cool you brought him out.

  2. Amazing that you came up with that from just a stick. Wonderful!