Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lazy Day

Should be working on projects. But, here I sit.
Should be cleaning up the house. But, here I sit.
Should be organizing some of my art supplies. But, you guessed it, here I sit.
I guess I should get off the couch and get busy. I know I'd feel better if I did. Might even be able to find treasures I forgot I even had! That's always fun and exciting.
This picture I drew when my daughter was about 3 years old. I had taken a photograph of her and use the photo for this drawing. Except she turned out looking like she was all grown up instead of 3 years old. So, I named this "Sarah at 21". Sarah is now 26 and she does look a bit like this picture, except with shorter hair. Sometimes her hair color is very much like this! Hee hee hee! Sarah now has a 3 year old daughter and gets to experience all the fun of watching her baby grow into a young woman. With all the joys and heartbreaks that come with being a Mom.
Well, this is not getting anything accomplished around here. So, I'm at least going to try and work on some Halloween ATC's for a swap project and maybe doodle a ghastly scarecrow for a postcard exchange.
Hugs and Welcome to the Boo Season!

1 comment:

  1. beautiful drawing...I so can't draw and am always in awe of those who can!!
    So, did you ever get to the ATC's and postcard or did you enjoy doing nothing but "just being"?
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm so pleased you like Halloween girl!
    Our daughters are the same age(about...Savannah will be 26 on Nov.16) and her daughter is 4.
    I have signed to follow your blog!