Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Accomplished something anyway.....

The frog prince was never completed. He lacks color in his life and a pond to rest his regal behind in. Sadness.

I got some items together for a swap today. It's to pack up some ephemera items to send to your partner(s) and in return you will receive some ephemera from them. My 8 year old granddaughter joined in on the fun and got out her little box of beads and treasures. She added quite a bit to the baggies. I think she just wants to make more room in her treasure box for the next time we go to the Gem and Bead Fair in Portland. I then went through several stacks of papers and boxes of stuff and continued to add more and more. It's a lot more than we are required to send, but, I have a house filled with arts and crafts supplies and I really need to get rid of some of it. So, they will receive a medium post office flat rate box filled with fun. They can choose to use it, or send it off to some one else if it's not their style.

I finished a collage swap project for the "Place I Love". Used some photos I took on several visits to the Oregon coast. Wrote about how being at the beach makes me feel, I took some glue and squiggled it across the page and then added a mixture of sand, glitter, broken shells, and beads to finish it off. It looks more like a photo album page than a collage. I really don't do collage. Collage art and I don't really get along very well. HA HA! I tend to make a mess of things and over work my collage art. Kind of the same thing I do with oils and watercolor paintings....I work those into a lovely picture of mud cakes.

So, that was my day.

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