Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's almost 2am...and I should be sleeping.

Today I finished one more beaded bracelet. I haven't scanned it in on the desk computer yet so no photo. I'm working on another one and so far I like it. I looked for the chunky beads, like the center one on the give away bracelet, but I can't find my extra ones. Darn it! I really like those for center stones. The colors are very nice and the size it good for the centerpiece. I'm hoping to get more bracelets, necklaces, etc. made up and set up a etsy store and maybe sell some of them. I'm not good at figuring out how much to charge...guess I need to work on that. I'm also thinking about contacting a local art class place and see about teaching beaded embroidery. Ideas? Comments? Suggestions? I could also teach the peyote stitch and how to make pouch necklaces. Stuff like that. Just thinking about it now. Won't do anything until after the new year anyway.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Lots of food and even more desserts. YUM! We celebrated Cathie and Dave's 35th wedding anniversary. It was a surprise planned out by Sandi. It was really nice! We had lots of laughs and tons of food...what more could we want?

I guess I should get my butt to bed since Sarah and Christine are coming later to help me put up our aluminum Christmas tree and the turbo light. We have a space for it so that's half the battle. I even put 2 containers of bazaar sale items in my closet so I have a bigger rat trail going through the dining room now! Shocking! I know!

So, off to bed and yak at ya soon!


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