Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hideous Faries

This is a Hideous Fairy in process. Sorry the picture is fuzzy...except for the mess in the background. Sure, the clutter and stacks of crap show up nice and clear! Anyway, for my hideous fairies I make the head, hands and feet, with a fabric body. Then the fun part starts! Making the clothes and putting on all the embellishments. I like painting the faces, but usually they are small and my hands are not as steady as they use to be. Sadness. Jiggly hands. I need to make more Hideous Fairies. My supply has gotten quite low. I make them for swaps and give them all away. Because we all know that fairies are NOT NICE! These guys like to steal items, especially sparkly, glittery things. If you ever end up with a Hideous Fairy in your home you will know where to find your missing keys, buttons, jewelry, charms, beads, and perhaps kitchen appliances (if you get one who thinks it can cook).

Sarah, Jeff, and Christine came today and put up my beautiful Aluminum Christmas Tree! It's all decorated and the turbo light is lit! Poor turbo light no longer spins. But, that's okay! I'll forever put it under my tree and let it shine brightly! And, Willy the Zombie Baby is beneath the tree wearing Carston's cowboy hat! Shawn said "NO!" that we couldn't let Willy sit beneath the tree. HA HA HA HA! Christine gave him to me and now he's sitting under the silvery branches so very happy. Joy! We'll see how long Shawn lets him sit there before he gets moved back to the stand in front of the window to spy on the neighbors.

That's it for now. Gonna get some left over Thanksgiving pie! YUM!


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  1. Which pie?

    ANYHOO, Thanks for letting us come over and eat with you guys!! It was a ton of fun!!! And, Christine loved being able to just set up the tree. Mommy doesn't let her do that...

    Love ya!