Sunday, November 14, 2010

This is our cat, Stinky. He is 1/4 bobcat, 3/4 STUPID! But he's all ours and fits into our family perfectly. Sadness :^( You can't tell because he has his mom's long fur, but he has a kink at the tip of his tail. He has the long, old man hairy ears like a bobcat and a tuft of fur around his neck. He's a strictly indoor cat, and it's an adventure for him to venture out on the front or back porch. But, don't close the door on him or you'll hear him yowling all through the house! I got him for me, MY PET! So, who does he bond with? Shawn! When Shawn comes home for work, Stinky comes out of hiding and snuggles on his chest. Booger head cat! LOL!
Sarah and Jeff have given me more space in my front room by taking the treadmill off our hands. I'm happy and sad. After all, one day, I just might use it again. Okay, you can stop laughing now! The good news is that I now have a space to set up the aluminum Christmas Tree!!!! I'm so excited! I'll do that when we return from the beach after Thanksgiving. I'll need to take photos and post them. Then you can see what my kids are fighting over. Yeah...out of all the stuff we have, what are the kids fighting over? The aluminum Christmas Tree from 1960. UGH! I've got the turbo light too! This was the first fake tree our family got! I was in grade school and I remember lying beneath the tree and watching the beautiful lights sparking off the "branches". So beautiful! I've always loved sparkly stuff.
Well, I guess I should get busy working on another beaded bracelet. I'll need to scan in some of them and post. Don't hold your breath....look how much time there is between my posts! Not good at this blogging stuff!
Big Hugs!

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