Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This is a close up of the mermaid fountain in front of the Palace Inn Hotel in Lincoln City. I love this sculpture, she is so pretty! We will be staying here again over Thanksgiving...I can't WAIT! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate so we can go. It's snowing in the mountains, reports are that snow can be coming to lower areas, and if not snow, lots of rain. I like to walk on the beach during the rain. Sadly, there is a problem with sea lions dieing and the bodies being washed ashore. The scientists don't know what's killing them, some virus, that could be passed on to people. Soooooo, I will be doing my ocean viewing from a far! No beach combing this time. Sadness. I'm so looking forward to our beach trip. Mom and Dad will ride with Shawn and I. Once we are at Lincoln City, Sissy Cathie and her hubby, Dave, will help chauffeur them back and forth to the casino from the hotel. It will be nice for all of us! We are planning an early dinner at Chinook Winds Casino's buffet. YUMMY! Lots of main course foods, side dishes, and especially desserts to choose from! And the best part is none of us have to cook or do dishes! Yippie!

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Big Hugs!

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